In Anthony's words, “I am a New England based cinematographer/photographer with a background in film and video production and I pride myself on the variety of films and shoots I have been so fortunate to collaborate on.”   The funny thing is Anthony is also a comedian and this is the most serious comment we've ever heard him say.  


Gaway runs a production company featuring fashion shows while running his own modeling agency. He’s a busy boy dealing with all the hot models, and models himself. 


Sharon is an O.G. original gangster when it comes to the music world. She enjoys being up close and in the action. She swims through the crowd of people in clubs while bobbing her head to HOUSE MUSIC. She is also an aspiring HOUSE DIVA who goes by the name of MUSIC MERMAID and writes and sings HOUSE music. She also teaches 700 students elementary music and has her Masters in Music Education.


Leila is a student at MIT and is working hard to become a Bio Engineer. When she is not sitting in class wondering where all the cute boys are, she is out exploring Boston and the surrounding area for her one true love.  She is originally from Iran and speaks Farsi fluently. She is an aspiring actress.

 and always willing to learn the norms of “America” especially when it comes to finding mister right.


Adam is a part of the wolf pack. He volunteers and interacts at a wolf park with them. Adam thinks everyone is beautiful so how could you not love him. Since he is such a stud and everyone loves him this can become a problem. He has to beat people off daily. He can’t help himself he’s just so amazing and incredible on camera. 


Malkah likes to live two lives. One as the dedicated wife and loving mother; the other as Malkah the documenter. She captures the raw moments of human interaction. The "quirk" in all of us, shedding light on all of our perfect imperfections.


Danica is a hair stylist and just like any good hair stylist, Danica finds a way to ask you all those personal questions you cant even tell your therapist. She’s a hot ball of energy that everyone wants to know. She can dance and sing and you will never forget her once you meet her. She is a natural actress.